May 20th, 2013


Unholy Trespass: How the Saudi Legal Code Violates International Human Rights Law (English)

Amnesty International Current Saudi Arabia Report (English)  (Arabic)

Human Rights Watch Current Saudi Arabia Report  (English) (Arabic)

Bastion of Impunity, Mirage of Reform 2009 Report on Human Rights in the Arab Region.   (English)  ( Arabic)

 “Fractured Walls… New Horizons”    Report on the State of Human Rights in the Arab world.   (Arabic)   (English)

US Dept. of State Current Country Report – Saudi Arabia (English)

International Religious Freedom Report – Current Saudi Arabia US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (Arabic)  (English)

Amnesty International has released a new report Saudi Arabia: Repression in the name of Security  (Arabic)    ( English)

US Dept. of State Current Trafficking in Persons Report 2011 (English)

US Dept. of State  Current Report on Terrorism (English)

UPDATE: Prisoners of Conscience/Torture – Dr. Abdullah al-Hamid (Arabic)

“Steps of the Devil” Denial of Women’s and Girls’ Rights to Sport in Saudi Arabia  (Arabic)  (English)

Affront to Justice: Death Penalty in Saudi Arabia (Arabic)   (English)

 The Last Holdouts: Ending the Juvenile Death Penalty in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Pakistan, and Yemen (English)

 Perpetual Minors: Human Rights Abuses Stemming from Male Guardianship and Sex Segregation in Saudi Arabia (Arabic)   (English)


The Ismailis of Najran : Second-class Saudi Citizens   (Arabic)  (English)


Adults Before Their Time : Children in Saudi Arabia’s Criminal Justice System   (Arabic)  (English)

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